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Ivor Haugen

Post by flying_purple_monkfish on Fri Jun 01, 2018 4:37 pm

Name: Ivor Haugen
Age: 22..ish
Gender: Male
Species: Hexenfolke/Shifter hybrid
Notable powers/Abilities: Telepathy, shapeshifting
Social Class/Community Status: Low, scum, Hexenfolke.

Physical Description: Pale pinkish skin with lots of freckles, blue-black hair like most Hexenfolke, worn short but starting to grow out. His eyes are a deep reddish brown colour with slitted pupils, he has Polychoria (2 pupils) in his left eye. His left shoulder is hunched and his left arm shriveled and near useless. He has jugged ears that are slightly pointed and a cleft lip. He's very thin and lanky.

Typical Clothing/Equipment: Ivor wears loose fitting long sleeved tees and practical jeans or pants. Everything he wears seems slightly big on his skinny frame. Overlong sleeves are rolled up awkwardly and he wears sneakers with the laces almost always coming untied. (He can't tie laces well okay?)

Personality: Ivor is a nervous wreck who still believes he's actually insane. He's extremely obedient, non confrontational and quiet, though also apparently extremely curious about the world around him. He does as he's told without question, but he cannot help but want to know about the people around him. He can read minds, but that doesn't mean he always understands what he hears. In fact most of the time the noise of people's thoughts is overwhelming for him, he becomes distressed and panicked. He can't shut it off and it hurts, but it also terrifies him. He hates hearing voices. Even now knowing it's just people's thoughts he's hearing and not mental instability, it frightens him. He doesn't like not being like everyone else and deep down really does wish he could just not be a freak for a while thanks.
He never quite seems comfortable in his own skin.

History: Ivor doesn't know much about his parents, he has been told his mother died in childbirth but he's also been told she died afterwards, or that she's still alive and gave him up. Whatever the case, Ivor has never known anything but institutions until now. His early childhood was spent in an orphanage, until the point his meltdowns and screaming about voices got him admitted to a psychiatric hospital instead. He grew up surrounded by doctors and nurses and people of questionable sanity, desperately trying to do as he was told so he could 'get better' but never quite managing it. He had no frame of reference so of course he didn't question being told he was crazy and that the voices weren't real, they had to be, what else could they be?
Ivor blamed himself for his lack of progress toward health and sanity and over time grew to resent the hospital and the hopelessness he felt in that place. He longed to get out, to see the world outside those walls, but so long as he was deemed unstable, he would never leave.

He escaped 3 times, finally being taken in by "the man" Hytar, who somehow knew who or rather WHAT Ivor was really.
Now with his half sister beside him, Ivor's trying to figure out his place in the world and unlearn decades of conditioning.

Religion/Beliefs: Atheist but highly superstitious, like most Hexenfolke.

Education/Special Training:

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